Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil is rich in DHA (important for brain health), vitamin D, A and K2. Super Nutrition for Babies says “it helps the nervous system function, support cellular communication, and assist in the colonization of probiotics in the gut.” If you are breastfeeding and take CLO yourself then your baby will get the nutrients from your breast milk. For formula fed little ones, like mine, give a 1/4 tsp by spoon once a day (I used to mix it in the formula- never use the syringe to squirt it in their mouth as oil aspiration is dangerous). Now that he’s more than six months old, I’ve increased this to 1/2 tsp, although I could safely go as high as 1 tsp which would equal 500 mg DHA. My pediatrician has given my his okay, but make sure you check with your own pediatrician first, and note that fermented cod liver oil is a lower dosage than regular cod liver oil. Since my son only got breast milk until 3 months I probably could have started with 1/4 tsp at 3 months but I started at 4 months old, giving this to him as his first food. You can read more about cod liver oil at

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