Getting Started with Rethink 13

By addressing thirteen key areas in your life, you can steadily make the small changes that create a big impact. When it comes to weight loss and healthy lifestyle, how we treat our bodies—what we put into them and how we use them—makes the greatest difference.

Begin by reading the Rethink Food section to get inspired and better understand how thinking about food differently can help you succeed in making dietary changes. Each week choose two topics to work on so that by the end of six weeks you’ll be addressing them all in some capacity. I recommend tackling Rethink Grains & Sugars and Rethink Fats at the same time as it is much easier to eat a low-carb diet when you are eating plenty of healthy fat.

You don’t have to be perfect! Keep making small, meaningful changes and continually reviewing the action steps in order to check another one off the list. I am confident you will feel wonderful and be amazed to discover how eating well can be rewarding, delicious and affordable.

Read the Rethink Exercise section and book a Pilates lesson! By cleaning up your diet, you can spend less energy worrying about fitting in time to exercise and just exercise smart! Like all these other things, doing Pilates is about more than just looking good. Pilates is going to make your body feel better and help you do everything in your life with greater ease. As Joe Pilates said,

“The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”

Rethink 13

Rethink Food

Rethink Grains & Sugar

Rethink Fats

Rethink Dairy

Rethink Meat & Eggs

Rethink Fish

Rethink Vegetables & Fruit

Rethink Beans, Nuts and Seeds

Rethink Beverages & Condiments

Rethink Exercise

Rethink Mental Health

Rethink Environment

Rethink Personal Care Products