I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding but was able to pump for three months. Unfortunately, I had to supplement with formula right away. I feel like a bit of a fraud advising everyone to eat real, whole food while giving my son a powdered formula but my husband had reservations about giving our newborn raw milk and I felt I had to respect that.

I got Holle formula from Europe and you can read more about my experience here. It was far better than any American brand I found and I was relieved it was soy and sugar free. Now that he is a year old, he drinks raw, full-fat cow and goat milk.

Because he was on formula, I started giving Vaughn solids at four months. The books I turned to for advice were Super Nutrition for Babies, The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare, and Real Food for Mother and Baby. His first “food” was cod liver oil (1/4 tsp) and then runny pastured egg yolk with a tiny pinch of sea salt. Next up was chicken liver, bone broth and other cooked meats, then banana, coconut oil and avocado. (See complete first year food list at the bottom of this page)

The only thing he ever reacted badly to (a few welts) was cooked spinach but my hunch is that it may have contained pesticides for while it was from the farmers’ market, it wasn’t organic.

Vaughn had his first sugar around a year. For his first birthday I made him a honey sweetened, gluten-free carrot cake using the recipe from Eat Naked Now. I definitely don’t agree with giving kids sugar regularly but even Super Nutrition for Babies agrees that it’s okay to start introducing a bit of natural sweetener occasionally. In all honesty, he’s had a couple bites of some baking that surely used refined sugar but this is where perhaps it’s helpful to focus on the big picture and understand that exposing kids to a little sugar here and there will hopefully teach them moderation and that it’s okay to have sweets on occasion. Luckily, Vaughn didn’t seem to enjoy his birthday cake any more than his regular nutritious meals.

Around one year old I also give him some oatmeal that I had soaked overnight with a tablespoon of whey to reduce the anti-nutrient phytic acid and make it easier to digest.

I believe it’s important for kids to get lots of fat and protein and have their sweet taste satisfied with fruit. Vaughn gets his sour taste from kefir and raw sauerkraut. He enjoys fish, fish eggs and chicken with the skin, beef, lamb, liver and bone broth. He eats plenty of vegetables, like cabbage, zucchini and broccoli with lots of fat from lard, raw butter, coconut oil and ghee. His favorite food is definitely apple!

Vaughn’s first year food log, in approximate order:

Cod liver oil

egg yolk


bone broth



coconut oil



beef (slow cooked rib and ox tail to start, later ground beef and steak)

raw saurkraut

fish roe

sweet potato





chicken with skin







nectarine, peach

green beans

spinach (cooked, not raw)






raw butter

whole milk raw kefir

raw cream

nori paper





coconut flour



beef gelatin

chia seeds

almond butter



soaked oatmeal

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