After addressing Grains and Sugars, and Fats  during week one, for week two I’m examining Beverages and Condiments and Nuts, Seeds and Beans.

I started off my reading the Rethink Nuts, Seeds and Beans section. I was inspired to review this topic after eating soy sauce at a sushi restaurant left me feeling bloated and unwell. I think it is time to just cut the soy sauce out of my life. I never feel well afterwards! The trick is remembering to bring a small jar of coconut aminos with me when I go out for Japanese. How do you feel after eating soy sauce?

I rarely eat beans but should keep some dried beans in the cupboard to soak and cook for the occasional chili.

As highlighted by the Rethink Fats section, traditional cultures ate a lot of fat but very little nut and seed oils and when they did, they were cold pressed because the fats are susceptible to heat and are damaged easily. Raw, soaked nuts are a good way to get omega-6 fats from a real food source. Making no-bake nut-based cookies are a yummy way to do this and I’m going to whip up a batch of brazil nut cookies. Jaffe Brothers is a good online resource for nuts.

Having a dehydrator would be perfect for making grain-free nut based granola. Alas, I don’t’ have one. You can put the oven on the very lowest setting to toast the nuts after soaking. I like to use a combination of raw almonds (soaked), unsweetened coconut, hemp seeds, raisins, banana chips (the ones made in coconut oil), maple syrup and cinnamon. I add the raisins and banana chips after baking. I’ll put this yummy recipe on next week’s menu too.

While I don’t think they are crucial to a healthy diet, having some seeds is okay too so this week I’ll make chia seed pudding by soaking chia seeds over night in raw milk or coconut milk, adding vanilla and cinnamon and topping it with chopped banana and maple syrup.

Reviewing this section reminded me that coconut flour pancakes are a tasty grain-free breakfast to offer my son. Topped with lots of butter, some fruit and a wee bit of maple syrup, these pancakes are a good way to mix it up on the weekend.

A few things to ask yourself: Do you think beans make you gassy and bloated? If you eat nuts, seeds and beans, do you know how to properly prepare them? Are you motivated to reduce your soy intake? Ever tried opening your own coconut? It’s worth the effort! Take note of how you feel after you eat nuts, seeds and beans. Do you feel healthy and energized or sick and tired?

Next I reviewed the Rethink Beverages and Condiments section.

I’ve been drinking kombucha regularly and this can be a very expensive habit. So I’ve gotten back into brewing my own. I have been reading The Big Book of Kombucha by Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory. It’s an excellent book! I’ve learned a lot and it inspired me to get my continuous brew method up and running again. To learn more about kombucha click here.  Making your own creations at home is a great way to save money and make healthy living more affordable. I worked it out and 2 gallons of kombucha costs about $5 to make (not including SCOBY purchase), which means at 12 oz bottle costs you less than 25 cents! And you could make this even more affordable if you bought your tea in bulk.

I almost exclusively drink wild spring water these days and I love it! I love the adventure of getting the water straight from the source. I usually go to the Red Rock Beach Cold Spring near Mill Valley but recently went to Adobe Springs near Patterson. The water from Adobe Springs is very high in magnesium which apparently a lot of people are deficient in. This is a topic I’d like to learn more about. You can find a spring in your area by going to Most of the springs are free so this is a great way to save money. It does take time of course, but last time I went I got 26 gallons. If you bought that many gallon jugs from the store it would cost you about $30 and produce so much waste!

I eat very good quality sea salt but I could save money by buying in bulk, so that’s a new goal.

I have mixed feelings about my coffee habit. On the one hand I think it would be a good idea to drink less but on the other hand it is truly one of the best parts of my day! I do tend to drink a bit too much though which can make me feel a bit nauseous, so I’m going to try to cut back and not go back for that second cup.

Last week I wrote that my condiments (as they relate to fats) were very clean. While this is mostly true, I realized that we have siracha and worcestershire sauce in the fridge, and both of these should be addressed. My husband loves worcestershire sauce but it seems you can’t find any without soy. But tamari is fermented soy and Wan Ja Shan offers an organic version, so I think that’s as good as you are going to get for a store bought version. I’m inspired to try this homemade version from Food Renegade that uses fish sauce instead of soy sauce. Great idea! I found this fermented sriracha sauce on the Wellness Mama website. I love anything fermented! This helps condiments last longer in the fridge, which for something like a hot sauce is key as you don’t use a lot at once.

A few things to ask yourself: Do you need to “clean up” your condiments? Would you like to try making your own ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, steak sauce etc? Are you eating good quality salt? Do you drink soda? If so, what could you enjoy instead? Do you want to try making kombucha and/or beet kvass? Are you drinking good quality coffee? Are you drinking good quality water, free from fluoride and other toxins? Want to find a spring? Take note of how you feel after you eat nuts, seeds and beans. Do you feel healthy and energized or sick and tired?

So my new goals following week two: skip the soy sauce, make raw nut cookies, make chia seed pudding and grain-less granola, make coconut flour pancakes, make homemade sriracha and worcestershire sauce, buy salt in bulk, and drink a bit less coffee.

How am I doing on the action steps and person goals for the previous two topics (Rethink Grains and Sugars, and Rethink Fats)? I did make homemade mayo and will post the recipe soon. It wasn’t as thick as store-bought but it tasted good. I still like to keep a jar of paleo mayo on hand. Making homemade definitely wasn’t hard but I think having clean store-bought mayo ready to go in the cupboard is nice. I haven’t cut back on my afternoon chocolate treat but I have noticed myself craving sugar more so this is something to be aware of. However, at this point I’m not ready to give up that afternoon treat! Maybe when I finish reading up on remineralizing teeth I will feel differently…..

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