I highly recommend Organic Pastures Dairy for cow’s milk products. When asked about raw milk safety for my child, this was Organic Pasture’s response via email, “What sets Organic Pastures a part from others is our Test & Hold program. We take multiple samples from each batch of milk produced on our farm every single day to be sent to a 3rd party, state approved laboratory for testing. We do not allow any of our products to leave our farm until we receive those test results back confirming the milk is of good quality and is negative for E. Coli. Our standards for cleanliness, herd health, pasture conditions are all extremely high and play an important role in our safety program. We cannot guarantee 100% safety; no food can, but we can tell you that promoting the health of our customers through producing the safest raw milk possible is our number one priority. It is important to consider the risks and benefits when deciding how best to nourish your child’s body.” Shipping is pretty costly, but for convenience you could get home delivery of Organic Pastures Dairy. Here is their price list. You can get up to 50 lbs of products in a box for about $40 shipping.

You can find an extensive list of where to find raw milk on the www.realmilk.com website. Here is the link for where to buy in California.

In the San Francisco Bay area I have purchased raw milk at:

  • Alameda Natural Grocery
  • Good Earth
  • Three Stone Hearth

In Los Angeles I have purchased raw milk at:

  • Erewhon
  • Cooportunity
  • Full O’ Life
  • Farmers’ markets (Santa Monica, Topanga etc).

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