For week three of the Rethink13 program I’ll be rethinking dairy and meat and eggs.

I love dairy! But like a lot of animal products, I think there are so many advantages to eating it raw.

I recently attended a workshop at Three Stone Hearth and learned more about A1/A2 cow genetics and why one might want to seek out A2 milk. I trust Organic Pastures, whose herd isn’t solely A2 (yet) but because of the possibility that A1 milk could lead to issues, I’ve decided to diversify the milk I drink. This means not only getting milk from A2 cow herds but also drinking good quality raw goats’ milk, as goats and sheep aren’t affected by this genetic debate. I like Claravale brand for raw goats’ milk.

I’m reminded when reading about dairy that my family should get the Organic Pastures 5 pound block of raw cheese because it lasts for a long time and will save us money in the long run. My son loves cheese!

Lately I’ve gotten back into making kefir regularly. This is a great, quick breakfast. I love just plain kefir but you can also throw it in the blender with fruit and honey- and even add some raw liver to make it extra nutritious!

Reviewing the dairy section is also a reminder that I’d like to learn to make yogurt and make cottage cheese more often. I’ve been buying pasteurized sheep’s yogurt but making my own would save money and be a fun project. I don’t eat a lot of nuts, but last week (after reviewing Nuts, Seeds and Beans) I made grain-less granola and this is a delicious once-in-awhile breakfast to liven up some yogurt.

A few things to ask yourself: Take note of how you feel after you eat dairy? Do you feel healthy and energized or sick and tired? Are you open to eating raw dairy? If not, what hold you back?

Next, I reviewed the Rethink Meat and Eggs section. It’s always good to review this stuff as it reminds me of ways I can continue to improve my diet.

First, I should be making more bone broth! And similar to my dairy, I’d like to diversify the animals I eat. We eat quite a bit of grass-fed beef so I want to start eating more lamb and goat, and I’m curious to try rabbit! And I’d like to make it a goal to have raw meat once a week, at least.

I’ve been ordering my organic pastured eggs to come with my Farm Fresh to You  community supported agriculture box.

I’d like to eat raw meat every week and incorporate more organ meats. I’ve been having raw liver smoothies again and I made shepherds’ pie, adding a palm sized piece of ground liver to the pound of beef in the pie. I also bought some chicken hearts. Those are good to add to things like meatloaf.

A few things to ask yourself: How do you feel after eating meat? Do you feel it is ethical to eat animals? Have you tried eating raw meat or making bone broth? How could you diversify the meat you eat? Do you eat organic pastured eggs? How could you incorporate organ meat?

Week three goals: buy raw cheese in bulk, learn to make yogurt, eat raw meat once a week and incorporate more goat, lamb and other animal protein, like rabbit as well as organ meats.

Of course it’s a constant work in progress but how am I doing reflecting back on week one and week two? I feel better drinking a bit less coffee. I’ve been eating sourdough bread occasionally and feeling fine, although I’m still getting skin breakouts so I wonder if it is related to grains or sugar. Still working at slowly replacing all my condiments with homemade versions! With regards to rethinking Beverages and Condiments, I also started drinking medicinal mushroom tea, a blend of chaga and reishi mushrooms. I put $2 worth of whole reishi and 1/4 cup powdered chaga in a crock-pot with about 1/2 a gallon of spring water and let it cook on low for over 12 hours. I strained out the mushrooms, drank a cup and put the cooled tea in the fridge for later. I put the mushrooms back in the crockpot with another 1/2 gallon of water and cooked for another 12 hours. After the second batch I composted the mushrooms. I’m using the cold chaga/reishi tea in smoothies or I heat it up and drink. These mushrooms have amazing anti-cancer and immune boosting benefits. Reishi is said to be good for hormone balance and skin health. They are both “adaptogens” which means they help you better deal with stress- something we could all use!

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